Rottnest Island Seagrass Monitoring Program January 2019-March 2019

WADDI has completed the third consecutive Rottnest Island seagrass monitoring season!


A big thank you to our volunteers for the third season of seagrass monitoring- David Juszkiewicz, Stan Bowes, Jade Herwig, Jianhui Chia, Talia Newnham, Alicia Sutton and Paul Day. These trips aren't possible without your help!

The team successfully surveyed 10 bays around Rottnest in only 3 weekends! One of our shortest seasons yet. Mable Cove was well particularly well behaved and ended up being one of the nicest dives of the season. Usually, it's a washing machine!

Every trip and every season we get more streamlined in our operations, and that creates a very efficient team of divers. Our members bring their own tips and experiences to each trip, and WADDI is always keen to implement these to work more cohesively as a team. 

Fantastic work everyone and, as always, we very much appreciate the support from the Rottnest Island Authority. 

WADDI  © 2013, Images for this site courtesy of WADDI members

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