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Rottnest Island Seagrass Monitoring Program December 2019-February 2020

WADDI's fourth season done and dusted!

A big thank you to WADDI members David Juszkiewicz, Stan Bowes, Jade Herwig, Anouk Marren, Kayla Rowe, Ivor Bruce, Michael Brooker, Wendy Hutchinson, Alicia Sutton and Paul Day, who participated in the fourth season of seagrass monitoring. The weather across the whole season was perfect and all of our sites were surveyed without a hitch over 3.5 weekends!

This season we had four new volunteers join the team, which meant WADDI was busy training more seagrass nerds ready to share their enthusiasm for seagrass with anyone who will listen (we hope!). Having a combination of new volunteers to train and experienced seagrass divers on the same trip means that we can take our time teaching new volunteers the monitoring methods and showing them the range of species, while the experienced members of the team get on with completing quadrats.  

Thank you to RIA for their support again this year, and we look forward to getting back to the island next season for round 5!


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